Dead Reckoning

View cover full sizeDead Reckoning is an old pilot's and sailor's term for determining position based completely on reckoning (calculation) and not at all on observation of landmarks, or assistance from radar systems or GPS. Some claim the phrase stems from the idea that "if you reckon wrong, you're dead."

This was precisely the perilous situation faced by Captain William Brighton and his loyal crew and officers. Dead Reckoning brings the reader on a thrilling ride as it recounts how they are evicted from their ship and forced into a vandalized shuttle, and left behind. With little power or food, they must all struggle across an entire system without navigational or computer aid in order to survive.

To make matters worse for Captain Brighton and his crew, their shuttle carries a new technology that draws the interest of nearby hostile soldiers who decide to try to take it away from them by whatever means necesary.

Their situation appears dire.

Alone, virtually unarmed, underpowered, undersupplied, hounded by dangerous combatants, and unaided by computer navigation systems, the loyal crew must rely on themselves, their officers and their captain to cross an entire system.

In order to complete their journey, they must ration the few resources that they do have. This effort becomes more and more difficult as weakness, starvation, and constant fear of confrontation with the armed brigands begin to take their toll.

The longer it takes them to make their escape, the less likely they are to succeed. The rationing of power also means that they cannot use computers to help in their inter-system navigating. They must instead depend on the mathematical skill of their officers, especially their captain...

If they reckon wrong, they'll be dead.

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